I’m excited to share some “behind the scene” discussions with Gabby of Oxygen’s new reality series… “Douglas Family Gold” premiering TONIGHT at 10 EST. Last week I was able to attend my first “exclusive” group conference call and boy I have a lot to learn.  LOL, didn’t realize the call queue was first come first serve so I didn’t get to ask even ONE question the entire hour.

It’s all good.. I have 5 fun facts to share about the NEW show and this remarkable… giggly young lady called Gabby. 🙂

douglas family gold

About the Show:

At 16, Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas stunned the world in 2012 by becoming the first African American in history to win the USA team and individual all-around gold medals at the Summer Olympics. Now 20, after a couple of years away from the sport, Gabby returns laser-focused, more confident and doesn’t just want to be on the medal podium in Rio, she wants gold.

Behind her meteoric rise was a family willing to sacrifice everything to help her accomplish her dreams. This time, as Gabby trains tirelessly in Ohio with her grandmother by her side, the rest of the family keeps busy juggling Gabby’s business and their own lives back in California. Her brother John is a standout athlete in track, while devoted sisters Arie and Joy are eager to blaze their own paths with “Momager” Natalie keeping this tight-knit family in-check.

With Gabby’s dogged determination and her family’s unwavering support, this dream team proves that sometimes things are better the second time around. -Facebook

Watch a sneak peek:

5 fun facts shared on the call:

1. Natalie Hawkins (Gabby’s mom) revealed that Gabby is a prankster and we get to see some of the practical jokes on the show!

2.  Natalie Hawkins’ favorite reality tv show is…. Chrisley Knows Best!

3.  Douglas Family Gold was pitched by Gabby’s older sister Arielle Hawkins but mom & Gabby wasn’t buying it at first.

“I was the one who was a little bit hesitant because, you know, my main focus was Rio and, you know, obviously it still is. So I didn’t want, you know, the cameras in the gym distracting me while I was training and for the most part they, you know, everyone at Oxygen was very respectful and they were like, “Hey we don’t want to, you know, get your mind off Rio either. So we all like came together and, you know, figured out a plan and it worked out and, you know, then I agreed and yes.”  -Gabby

4.  Gabby’s favorite scripture:  2 Timothy 1:7… For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

5.  And here is Gabby’s overall message/ takeaway for the show:

“We wanted to put some, you know, something bright and something, you know, inspiration out there on the TV.  We want people to take away a lot of laughter and supportive family time.  Also just strong inspiration to see what it takes for you to accomplish your goal and the hard work, sacrifice and bonding with your family.  I want people to draw that inspiration and be a fighter and go out there and keep fighting!!” – Gabby

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