Talking to ALL of our wonderful Atlanta Media & Photographers… Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

I cannot stress this enough and wanted to share with you the PERFECT example demonstrated by my media pal and extraordinary journalist Christopher Daniel.  To protect the sensitivity in media relationships & connections… I won’t go into details of the actual event but you will certainly get the main idea 🙂

teamwork makes the dream work

As you know… Atlanta has become a MAJOR player in the entertainment industry with movie productions, red carpet premieres, music festivals & concerts, arts & culture and the list goes on. There’s only a hand full of us (in comparison to NY & LA) which allows us to share information & help each other get to the next level.  Unfortunately, most of us have taken the path of “keeping the wealth” of knowledge & connections to ourselves and the “crabs in a barrel” mentality.

I was deeply moved by my friend Chris who not only had the opportunity to interview a major “A/B” list celebrity… but also had the option to bring a team.  As I said… Atlanta is a major player but we’re still growing.  Every now and then we see A/B list celebrities visit but the events are not open to many outlets.  Chris was one of the few outlets invited and guess what?!?!! He CHOSE the option to bring a team which consisted of myself and 2 other aspiring media outlets trying to make great things happen. OMG, I was like a kid in a candy store but with the maturity to get the job done. We were ALL able to get AMAZING content to feed our platforms to share with our readers.

Let’s face it… we have so many talented and capable people in the Atlanta media industry… many have mastered the art of photography (including all the cell phone gurus), some are gifted with the art of speaking in public, while others are pros at writing stories.  Why not share the wealth so we can ALL grow? I’m just saying…

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