Introducing “The Revolt Magazine” Created by Dara Seans!

So happy for my dear friend and mentor Raymond Hagans AKA “Dara Seans” for his launch of The Revolt Magazine: Not Just of the Mind.   Here’s another person who has worked really hard to create this online treasure and I was BLOWN AWAY when he sent me the link.  Launched on May 19th… the site offers stories full of rich culture, fashion, entertainment and even health articles.

the revolt magazine cover image photo
The Revolt Magazine


He would rather I keep this to myself… but Raymond has been a tremendous influence over my photography career.  He’s an extraordinary photographer and was based here in ATL for several years then relocated to his home state of New York.  Don’t think I’ve mentioned this before… but I have to give credit where credit is due.  I know my creator makes all things possible and he used Raymond and many other angels to help me along the way.  He’s the reason I acquired one of my very first “clients”  Chic Boutique Tour.  I love “girly” events and it was the perfect opportunity to capture fun images (work) while shopping, eating and building a long term client. He’s the reason I covered my very first red carpet with Disney’s Let It Shine  event in Atlanta and completed my very first gig with a wire image service photographing Ushers New Look Foundation.  Last but not least… he played a MAJOR role in me reaching my “ultimate goal” to photograph President Obama in Selma!!

So it is my honor to share this AMAZING project in hopes you will make it a part of your daily read.

“I want to make this site a place for the revolt that we need in our present day community and to appeal to a person’s intelligence and not to their ignorance.” – Dara Seans

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