Life of a Photographer: The Circle of Life… When Mom Loses Mom

Life of a Photographer:  The Circle Of Life is a beautiful part of our universe… but it also takes you through unknown paths whether you are ready or not.  Many of you know we lost our dear grandmother earlier this year.  Eva S. Perkins was 100 years “young” and left us with wonderful memories of joy & happiness.

NOW, my twin and I are taking care of mom… who was taking care of her mom.  



Everyday I thank my heavenly father for giving us the means, strength & love to carry on the torch.  Mom was responsible for taking care of 2 little girls on her own… and then moved to VA to care for granny with very little time for herself. Now it’s our turn to watch over her… and her time to rest and enjoy life.  We have our challenges with mom mourning for her loss, adjusting to her new environment in California and life after her stroke…  but Fe and I are committed to doing all we can to make sure she feels comfortable, safe, independent (as much as possible) and LOVED!  #SmellYourRoses

Here’s few new “California Living” highlights!   Mom out for her daily walks in the park & neighborhood.

Mom is now riding the Santa Clarita transit own her own!  Off to the fitness center for swim & exercise:-)

She enjoys all the beautiful drives into town.  The mountains are GREEN from all the rain we just had.

Circle of Life… LOVE mom 🙂

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