The Billboard Music Awards 2016… Awkward “Prince” Tribute

Was I the only one sitting at the edge of my seat with high expectations for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards tribute to the artist formally known as PRINCE?? AWKWARD…  is the only word I could think of without being ugly.  What I’m about to say has NOTHING to do with my love for both Stevie Wonder and Madonna who happens to be 2 of the greatest entertainers of our generation… but everybody has a bad day from time to time.

Stevie Wonder and Madonna at Billboard Music Awards
Stevie Wonder and Madonna at Billboard Music Awards/Photo from


Unless you’ve been in a cave hibernating for several months… we have ALL just gone through a terrible “unexpected” loss with our beloved PRINCE.  As for me… I was truly devastated and had to take personal time to deal with tons of emotions explained in my previous post  Why I Cry for the Artist Formally Known As Prince.  The personal testimonies from those who were very close to Prince, musical tributes and dedications give  us joy and hope in the time of sorrow… so naturally I was expecting THIS Billboard performance to send us into orbit.  #fail


Don’t get me wrong… I understand why Billboard chose Madonna & Stevie.  They are legends for crying out loud!!!  Madonna was probably closer to Prince than most so it was certainly  appropriate.  Sometimes even our best intentions fail.  I’ve been reading lots of reviews about the “emotional & touching” performance…  sorry folks it didn’t make up for the weird feeling and unwanted chills from head to toe.  Stemming from off notes (from beginning to end) with the duo singing  “Nothing Compares to You” & “Purple Rain”,  leaving Stevie on the stage, and the church scene with the dreadful organ.

Here’s a snippet I found on Youtube.  Check it out yourself:


Last but not least… was is me or did the performance seem to drag??  Anyway, we appreciate the efforts from the team… but this rodeo did NOT cross over.  We love you PRINCE!



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