Up Close With Samson Logan: She Said Yes Available on Valentine’s Day!

Samson Logan.  If you don’t know this name… get ready to see it all over your playlist THIS Valentine’s Day as he presents the next GREATEST wedding anthem in the nation!  “She Said Yes”… a HOT new single written by Sam is going to celebrate thousands of unions and produce lots of babies. 🙂


Samson Logan


Why am I so excited about this project??  SAM (Buffalo NY) has been my friend for almost 40 years and I couldn’t be more proud.  We met at a Shirley Caesar gospel conference at a time when young talents walked around singing so people could hear them.  LOL!  Music has ALWAYS been his first love and I have watched his journey through all the disappointments with the “business”… to all of his wonderful accomplishments with various stage plays including Je’caryous Johnson’s “Whatever She Wants” and creating other great singles including “Atmosphere” and “Future Anniversary”.

I’m so happy to introduce Sam’s newest project with executive producers Earnest Pugh (Gospel Singer), Keith Williams and producer Michael Bureal.  “She Said Yes” has so much meaning and was developed in part after his wife Angela Burgin Logan survived a near fatal pregnancy.  Angela was diagnosed with Preeclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy complication that occurs in 5-8 percent of all pregnancies and is a leading cause of maternal deaths. Together they share a BEAUTIFUL little girl Samia!  Sam also has an older son @TheRealCarel (24) who is set to dominate the music scene with is own projects!


Sam and Samia/ Facebook


RobinLori:  So tell me about your new baby (song)… “She Said Yes”.  I absolutely LOVE the concept and musical chords you chose.  It has a true gospel tone… but also very sexy for the ladies.  How are you going to market this?

Samson:  I call it the new wedding anthem… something sexy and youthful.  We always focus on the woman’s excitement and happiness but this song is coming from the brother.  You know… guys are also excited…  she agreed to be with me.  This is my own project under my own terms and my own money.  First, we’re planning to hit 90 gospel stations across the nation and then urban AC.  

RobinLori:  What was it like working with Earnest Pugh (EPMmusicGroup) who’s a giant and great singer in the gospel field?

Samson:  I’ve known Earnest for over 20 years… we worked together on various plays and AT&T’s #BeTheGlow song & campaign which hit 16 on the charts.  It included top names in Gospel and Urban music like  Fred Hammond and Marvin Sapp and Fantasia.




RobinLori:  I’m so happy for you Sam.  AND I’m so glad we are finally close enough to have our families meet!

Sam and my boys!


Ok y’all… check out Sam’s promo clip and be sure to grab your digital copy EVERYWHERE this Valentine’s Day!  Google Play, iTunes Amazon

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