It’s RobinLori Interview: BarberShop TALK with Actor Torion Sellers

Yesterday, I made my way downtown to visit Legends Barbershop located The Underground for a TALK with Torion Sellers… Atlanta’s own 18 year old actor, writer and singer! Some of you may be hipped to his HOT single “Flavas”… while others may recognize him in Barbershop 3!

Check out his new EP… Torion ALIVE

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Torion stars opposite Ice Cube and Nicki Minaj.  In the film, Torion plays the role of ‘Anthony,’ – Ice Cube’s assistant in the barbershop whose wholesome spirit brings hope to the community. As the friends come together with a bold plan to take back their beloved neighborhood, Anthony falls victim to gang violence – leaving the barbershop devastated.

After listening to his HIT single “Flavas”… I had a chance to sit down at this historical barber shop with Torion for a TALK!




1K9B1170 Torion Sellers legends barbershop Torion Sellers legends barbershop

RobinLori:  Being a singer myself… I was curious about the the types of music you actually enjoy singing…??

Torion:  I enjoy a little bit of everything… you can’t put me in a box when it comes to music.  I love all different types of genres.

RobinLori: Who are some of your influences… musically?

Torion:  Chris Brown and definitely Michael Jackson. I really look up to him and how passionate his was about music.  Everything Michael did… you could see he was passionate about it.

I even have a story for you…  When I was in LA with Rodney Jerkins and good friend of mine…  and he talked about how passionate Michael was in the studio.  He was telling us about when he recorded.. Mike was dancing to the music so hard that he sweated out his entire shirt.  They had to keep getting him t-shirts so he could continue the day with a shirt on.  Man… definitely Michael Jackson.

RobinLori:  “Passion” in music is what it’s all about.  Thanks so much for your time and we are wishing you the best.

Torion Sellers legends barbershop atlanta















Sending a huge thanks to The Bentley Didier Firm for the opportunity.  Check out my little “DROP” from Torion:




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