It’s RobinLori Confession: I Danced Under the MOONLIGHT #Oscars

True confession: I watched the film Moonlight for the first time on Saturday night… right before the Oscars. “Fear” kept me away from exploring this extraordinary Best Picture award winner… but it’s better to be late than sorry.   ICYMI… Moonlight ended Sunday night with three Oscar wins at the 89th Academy Awards.  In addition… Actor Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor, director Barry Jenkins and playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney earned Best Adapted Screenplay.

Yeah, I’m jumping on the bandwagon kind of late but here’s why…


I was afraid to watch another tragic/sad story about living in the hood.  I’m extremely sensitive to misfortunes of others and honestly wanted to protect my spirit.  Sometimes you have to decide what you allow into your atmosphere and I was simply turned off.  Oddly, I kept mentioning the movie to my hubby and he finally set it up for me to watch.

We both gave it our undivided attention but some scenes went over my head.  I had to keep asking him to explain some of the choices made by the characters in the film.  I figured he could give me a male perspective and my god he opened my eyes to so much more!  It was certainly a good movie and I was relieved there wasn’t a lot of killing & blood splattered.  But at the end… I was still a little confused on the takeaways.

I knew it was a story  about an african American boy that got picked on as a kid because he was different. I knew it was a story about an African American boy who was confused about his sexuality. I knew it was a story about an African American boy growing up in a rough neighborhood.  But I didn’t know it was a story about African American compassion and love.

Joe fell asleep about 10 min before the movie ended but I watched till the end asking myself, “What did it all mean?”  I didn’t have a connection and it really bothered me.  The next morning, I gave Joe a recap from the last 5 minutes of the film and asked if he knew the significance of a specific line from Black.  In the film… Black (Trevante Rhodes) & Kevin (André Holland) were friends who was separated for 10 years.  At the end they are reunited and Black says to Kevin, “You were the first guy to ever touch me, and I haven’t done anything since.”  Kevin looks totally stunned and the last thing you see is him holding Black with compassion like none other.

You will have to GO SEE the movie to get the “what happened in between”… but at first I completely looked at it from a physical standpoint.  My hubby Joe said, “No, that was the first time he felt loved.  His mom couldn’t give him anything because she was addicted.  He had no friends because they thought of him as a sissy.  The drug dealer Juan (Mahershala Ali) and the girl Teresa (Jonelle Monae) showed him love and compassion.  That’s why he grew up looking and acting just like Juan after he passed away.  It’s all he knew.”

Y’all… I immediately burst into tears because it finally made sense.  It’s not always about the circumstances but the story behind it.  My eyes & heart was opened… and I felt so much compassion for ALL of the characters.  I was swept away like a dancer in a ballroom.


BRAVO to the entire Moonlight team for sharing this gift to us!! #Winning


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