(Pics) Los Angeles Mission Christmas Celebration.. Guillermo Diaz & More

Celebrities galore including Guillermo Diaz (ABC Scandal) and community volunteers gave back in a big way at the Los Angeles Mission Christmas Celebration on Fifth Street/Skid Row.  It was my very first visit to this particular downtown area and my heart was heavy.  But it was a spectacular sight to see over 3500 meals served & prepared by Chef Ben Ford.  Everyone worked in perfect harmony to feed the homeless… LA’s most forgotten men & women.


Guillermo Diaz
Guillermo Diaz/ Photo by RobinLori


The streets were closed to create a lovely dining room it’s tables, flower arrangements and tablecloths.  The Festival of Children Foundation, founded by Sandy Segerstrom Daniels (the REAL wife of Orange County)  provided the most AMAZING Winter Wonderland tent filled with over 1000 toys for the kiddies, crowned princesses and Santa Claus!


Photo by RobinLori


OMG y’all everything was wonderful… I promise.  But leaving the area trying to get back to my car was dreadful.  Y’all know i just move to LA right??  Honey, I was in tears as I could not remember how to find the parking deck!  You see… I was a little late getting there and rushed out of my car and ran towards the location without studying the area.  This was a huge mistake and I paid dearly.  There i was… with tons of camera equipment… wondering the streets of downtown LA.  The only thing that keep me from totally going insane is…  the area was loaded with security (due to the event).  30 minutes later… I finally found my car.  UGH!!!

Click through the gallery to see all the fun pics with Loni Love (The Real), Hannah Zeile (This Is Us), Aldis Hodge (The Underground), Jeremy Tardy (Dear White People), Shaunie O’Neal (Basketball Wives), Corey Calliet ( Fitness Trainer) and more!


Hannah Zeile and Logan Shroyer / Photo by RobinLori



Just because I can…. I’m posting my selfie AGAIN.   And check out my previous post with HUCK 🙂

Guillermo Diaz

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