(Pics) “Kile’s World” 4th Annual 5k Race for Art Education!

Early Sunday morning I drove out to Chastain Park to attend Kile’s World Foundation’s 4th Annual 5k Race. Under the direction of Tameka Foster (Celebrity Stylist & VH1’s Atlanta Exes Personality), the foundation has been able do a lot of great things for the community & causes that partners health & wellness with the fine and applied arts.  The 5k race is one of many efforts to raise money and awareness.

Here she is pictured (in the middle) with all of the wonderful KWF supporters and runners!

4th Annual Kiles World 5k Race
4th Annual Kiles World 5k Race/Photo RobinLori


Four years ago, Tameka lost her son Kile Glover who was involved in a devastating ski accident while on a family trip at Lake Lanier. Having my own sons… I cried for days.  Kile suffered from a major concussion, leaving him brain dead and soon after, he passed away. In honor of his passion for the arts and the light that he shared with everyone around him… Tameka created Kile’s World Foundation.  This wonderful organization offers comprehensive art education to children ranging from ages 8-17; focusing on Music, Creative Writing, Performing, Fine and Visual Arts.

” KWF recognized the disparity of arts programs within the metropolitan Atlanta school systems and the negative effects that it has had on the development of our youth. It is important to invest in our children’s future”, says Raymond. “By supporting Kile’s World Foundation you allow them to develop healthy coping mechanisms by using their art to speak for them when they are unsure of what to say.”

Kile's World 4th Annual 5K race
Tameka Foster setting up for Kile’s World 5k race/Photo RobinLori


Tameka helping one of the youngest runners with his KWF t-shirt
Tameka helping one of the youngest runners with his KWF t-shirt/Photo RobinLori


I was exhausted from long photoshoots on Saturday but made sure I set my alarm to get up & support this team.  Special thanks to Tameka and April Love for the opportunity.  Enjoy a the pics i snapped!


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