(Photos) Usher Raymond Attends “People You May Know” LA Premiere!

Sending a huge shout out to Usher Raymond for making my boys feel like a million bucks!  Jonathan (9) and Brandon (11) normally avoid me when it comes to snapping pics… I was certainly a ROCK STAR MOM at the “People You may Know” movie premiere in LA!


usher raymond
Cast members Nick Thune, Kaily Smith Westbrook, Usher Raymond IV, Ian Harding, Nick Rutherford, Director/Writer Sherwin Shilati, Producer Shelley Stevens / Photo RobinLori


Hubby was away on business so I brought the kiddies along for the ride.  “PLEASE let everyone show up on time and let this be a short red carpet”, I said to myself.   To my advantage… the event was held at The Pacific Theatres – The Grove which was full of cheer & beautiful holiday decorations!  I also promised to buy them slushy cokes & chicken fingers to hold them off while they waited.  LOL!

It was great to see all the cast members having fun and even more exciting to see special guest Tom Arnold!  I cover a lot of celebrity events and it’s no piece of cake… but I hustle for moments that allow my boys to benefit and appreciate what mommy does for a living.  And that’s when USHER (stars as himself in the movie) & Jermaine Dupri walked in… full of smiles & energy.   Something told me to yell out “ATLANTA”… and my goodness… they recognized me (I think)!!  It was so chaotic… one of the other photographers even knocked me out of the way to get her shout out!  Too funny, I actually didn’t mind the direct hit.

As Usher was giving his last interview…  I called my boys over and asked Jermaine if he would ask Usher to snap a pic.  THANK YOU Jermaine for being amazing!  He and Usher embraced my boys with so much love I almost fainted.  Usher saw Brandon’s little photo and said “Got your camera ready??”  Brandon was so nervous he could barely hold it up to snap the photo.  LOL!  “Gotta hurry because the movie is about to start”, Usher went on to say.

OMG, I didn’t realize the movie was definitely about to start… but they took time for my boys and I’m eternally grateful.  And as a special bonus… it’s something they will always treasure and show to their friends.  🙂

Be sure to watch Jermaine’s “The Rap Game” season 4 on Lifetime November 24th at 10/9 c!


Usher and Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine Dupri, Usher and my boys! / iPhone Pic




PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW – An introvert’s total lack of an online presence leaves him feeling isolated until a social media maven utilizes his design skills to digitally present his life in the most glamorous ways imaginable.

The Orchard will release the movie via On Demand and Digital HD on Nov. 28.

Check out the trailer:



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