Pan African Film Festival: Photo Fun with Amina “Buddafly” Pankey

The beautiful Amina Buddafly Pankey was on the scene yesterday at the 2018 Pan African Film Festival with her precious little girls.  Didn’t recognize her at first… I could only see the AMAZING African printed dresses floating around the plaza.  Of course we didn’t waste time snapping a few fun fashion pics.  🙂

Dress by  Ofuure

amina buddafly pankey
Photo by RobinLori



Amina is best known for her role in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop NY  AND she is the authorThe Other Woman” which is a perfect read for everyone who has watched her on TV over the years and those who are curious to learn more about her story.

I’ve watched LHH and was immediately drawn to Amina because she reminded me of myself.  She was helplessly in love with Peter Gunz who had already his feet in a few ponds.  Amina was such beautiful young lady with so much talent and passion… all she wanted was true love but found herself in a web of heartbreak.  A little bit of joy and many tears seemed to be the essence of her story line.  I went through the SAME type of turmoil with my boyfriend (before I met & married my prince) and remember the feeling of helplessness & utter disbelief of ALL the deceit and lies.

Can I get a witness??


amina pankey


Photos by RobinLori

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