Oprah Comforts LUKE on Flight: Dogs Are Our Children.. Do You Agree?

Our Dogs Are Our Children…  do you agree?  I was scrolling through social media and came across these pics of Oprah comforting her doggie Luke on a recent flight.  Gayle King was on board and posted the pics of her best friend holding the nervous flyer on Instagram.  She captured the moment as it gives us a small glimpse of the human side of Oprah.  I personally took note of the fabulous and luxurious private jet filled with all the comforts of home!  Hell, if you have the money… why not spend it on whatever your heart desires?

Take a look at the two love bugs…  and I spy Stedman:


Some would say it’s a bit extreme but others (like myself) loved the tender moment of Oprah being a mommy to her baby.  Dogs bring so much joy and we grow to love them like our own… especially if we got them from birth.  They even take on their own little personalities and you teach them rules and life lessons just like children.   I have a lot of friends who either afraid or don’t care for them… to each his own.  But I do feel we should not be judged for treating our pets like people. 🙂

I’ve been meaning to give you guys an update on my doggie Jackson.  As you can see.. he is living LARGE and in CHARGE.  LOL!  I’m not ballin like Oprah… but he has his own house, health insurance and preventive plan to keep him updated on all of his vaccines.  It’s what we do for those we love… and pets are no exception.


Jackson dogs
Jackson was a little tired from his bath and grooming session./ iPhone pic


jonathan and dog jackson
Even Jackson was comforted on our road trip. / iPhone pic


I would love to read your comments (REPLY below)!  Are dogs like children or should they be kept outdoors?

2 thoughts on “Oprah Comforts LUKE on Flight: Dogs Are Our Children.. Do You Agree?

  1. OMG! I have 3 “babies” of my own and my children say I treat them like real kids! I actually HATE to see or hear a dog left outside 😥

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