#MommyTime with My Boys at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Atlanta Screening!

Y’all… I’m still floating on air from the AMAZING #mommytime spent with my boys at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows Atlanta Screening!  Our little outing served as the perfect treat for a job well done during the school year… and we took ADVANTAGE of every minute.

TMNT2 atlanta screening
Brandon and Jonathan / iPhone photo


Jonathan and Brandon arrived home from school and couldn’t WAIT to get all cleaned up and out of the door.  It was certainly a bonus for me because I didn’t have to fuss about bathing, picking the appropriate clothes or anything!   If your a mom… you feel my joy.

We arrived at Phipps Plaza and went straight to one of our favorite little restaurant chains… MOE’s.  Actually, it’s my favorite (Close Talker in a bowl baby!) but Jonathan LOVES the chocolate chip cookies.  That boy would eat chocolate chip cookies morning noon & night if I let him.  Soon after we were seated in the wonderful red reclining seats at AMC Phipps Plaza for the TMNT2 screening hosted by the fabulous Phaedra Parks (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and her adorable son Ayden.

Phaedra Parks and son Ayden TMNT2
Phaedra Parks & Ayden/ Photo by Rick Diamond


And now what you’ve ALL been waiting for (without giving anything away)… the boys (10 & 7) gave the movie “10” thumbs up!  🙂

Brandon: I thought the mad scientist Baxter Stockman (played by Tyler Perry) was pretty funny.

Jonathan: I liked seeing all the Ninja’s fight.  

RobinLori/Mommy:  I liked being able to sit & relax for 2 hours with no interruptions.  LOL, I really enjoyed the movie as well. Trust me… you wont be disappointed.

Special thanks to Allied for the awesome night with V-103, free popcorn & drinks, turtle gear and all the additional junk food I purchased.  My boys left the theater with genuine smiles… and was skipping all the way to the car.  Be sure to check out the movie in theaters June 3rd!!!

In the meantime… check out the cool trailer:



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