Life Of A Photographer: PSA… I Don’t Accept GETTY Payments Under The Table

Life of a Photographer:  A lot of my peers will say I’m shooting myself in foot with this Public Service Announcement (PSA)… I do NOT accept payments under the table to post photos on Getty Images!! I cannot tell you how many jobs I’ve lost because of this HUGE  misunderstanding of the business or just plain ole SHAKY business.

People are constantly calling to hire me as the “house photographer” for their events but will then throw in, “Oh, can you post the pics to Getty Images?”  I treat everyone with kindness & respect because some honestly may not know how it works.  So here’s the deal… Getty does not allow their photographers to accept payment for service AND post the pics on their website/library.  They will reject the photos. Don’t get me wrong… I get it… Getty Images is not cheap but I’m NOT the Photog who will risk my relationship or reputation with the firm.

Did you know you can send an “editorial” request to cover your event with Getty?? They will assign a photographer if the content is accepted.  Sure you won’t own the pics but you will have them posted on the site with the little tag.  This seems to be the ultimate goal for many PR firms, celebrities and even civilians. Especially here in LA.

There’s obviously a TON of my peers who take money under the table with NO conscious… but your girl would lose sleep.  At this point… I don’t even care about losing opportunities anymore because the false hope of a “legit hire” is really starting to bother me.  I would rather not even get the call.  If you want to hire Getty, call Getty.  If you want hire RobinLori… I’m ready!! 😀

Thank you.


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