Life Of A Photographer: A New Journey… It’s RobinLori Moves to LA!

Life of a Photographer:  A New Journey: The last time I had this wave of nervousness (with a sense of certainty)… is when I walked away from my corporate job holding my box and plants. I had NO CLUE about my next step but I wasn’t afraid of the unknown.  By the time you read this POST… I will be in the air heading towards my new adventure.  It’s RobinLori is moving to LA!!!itsrobinlori new journey

Contrary to popular belief… this move has NOTHING to with my career.  It’s not a set up to become the next mega sensation as I’m simply following my hubby and purpose.  Don’t get it twisted… it’s LA for crying out loud.  It would be GREAT to make a few connections to continue my journey as a photog.  Started from the bottom in ATL… I can do it again.  Come along with me as I take you through my NEW adventures.  Step by step.

With happy tears… I’m sending a 1000 well wishes & thanks to ALL of my wonderful supporters and ATL team.  As my photog buddy said, “This isn’t a closure… it’s an EXPANSION of what It’s RobinLori will be able to offer”.

From ATL to LA…  It’s Robinlori will cover ATL happenings/events and bring you LIVE coverage from LA!

This isn’t goodbye…  see you later 😀



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