Life Of A Photographer: Lions And Tigers And California Brush Fires!!

Lions and Tigers and California Brush Fires… Oh MY!!  Told you guys I would keep you updated on my little journey… well yesterday was quite an adventure.  I have NEVER been this close to a MAJOR fire in all my life as fire broke out behind College of the Canyons staduim in Santa Clarita.  My hometown!!


california brush fires


I just happened to catch a glimpse of the action on the television and said to myself, “Hmmm, that football field looks very familiar.”  To my horror… they announced it WAS the SAME beautiful college my boys attend swim practice!!  I saw numerous helicopters making their way to drop water… ON TV.  Things got real serious when I started to hear planes fly right over my neighbor… one right after the other.  UGH!!!

I stepped outside and almost fainted as everything was grey and smelled like a family barbeque.  Honey, I grabbed the boys and started to run down the street.  LOL!  Thank goodness my neighbor happened to see my confusion and simply said… “Welcome to our world of brush fires.  It’s perfectly normal.”


The fire is believed to have started by lightening and burned about 7 acres before it was contained. Don’t know where I was going to run but I began to clam my nerves and guess what…?!?!! It started to RAIN!!  “It never rains in Southern California” 🙂  #Grateful

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