Life of a Photographer… My 5th Year “Oprah Moment” Anniversary!

Life of a Photographer… WOOHOO!!  It has been 5 years since my “Oprah Moment”  and I’m still flying on cloud 9!  I know… you guys have heard this story over and over again but I’m here to CELEBRATE and claim the victory 1 more time.  I can honestly say… “Every single career goal set before me has been ACCOMPLISHED!” 

Here’s a little collage which highlights my personal dreams made into a REALITY 🙂

  1. Photographed & met OPRAH, Gayle AND Tyler Perry!
  2. Photographed President Obama (while in office)!
  3. Became a photographer for the TOP stock photo agency… Getty Images!  There’s only 7 here in ATL and I’m one of them.
  4. … and NOW I make an honest living doing what I love… PHOTOGRAPHY!


its robinlori oprah moment
Photos from Instagram


I love my career and will continue to reach for the skies….  but the rest is gravy baby.  I will be putting more energy into LIVING & ENJOYING the fruits of my labor for the next 5 years 🙂

Special thanks to all of my angels who have helped me along the way!

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