Life of a Photographer… 2018 New Years Resolution in Effect!

Ok so here’s my 2018 New Years Resolution… today, I join 100 million others in a quest to lose weight!  LOL, I know… we have all been there but who says we can’t get back up?  It’s never too late to get in shape and live a healthier life.   And new resolutions doesn’t always have to involve weight… how about a better attitude or commitment towards learning new things??


new years resolution


I’m not trying to go on a crash “starvation” diet.  Been there done that back in the day when I dated my hubby.  I won’t go into details… but i didn’t eat for 3 days trying to fit into a silk “sexy” dress.  I wanted to be flawless… but ended up with him having to carry me out of the club from being a complete SLOB!  LOL!  I can’t believe he still married me from that disastrous date!  Anyway, more veggies, more veggies and more veggies for 2018.

I’m not trying to be a size zero.  Chile, I was a size 6 for over 25 years… and then an 8… and the rest is history.  I actually want a little meat on my bones… just need to tone it up a bit.

I’m not trying to influence people and gain new friends.  I have all the friends I need. LOL!  This journey is for ME.  I only announced this effort as it will hold my feet to the fire and stay committed.

I’m only trying to be healthy, fit and cute as I approach the BIG 50! 🙂

Let’s go 2018!!!

P.S. I’m not going to post tons of pictures of me in the gym.  I’m just going to trust the process and keep it moving.

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