‘A Wrinkle In Time’ LA Premiere: It’s RobinLori Goes on a “Selfie” Spree!

Last night, your girl It’s RobinLori went on a straight up “selfie” spree… not shopping, but S.E.L.F.I.E spree.  A Wrinkle In Time  blue carpet and premiere took place at the El Captain Theater in LA and baby… this one was for the books.   #NissanDiversity, a proud sponsor of the spectacular event sprinkled some Disney pixie dust my way as I joined the team in capturing all the fun moments!



I was even treated with having my makeup done!  Thanks #NISSAN #NissanAwrinkleInTime

It's RobinLori selfie


I’m so excited to share my little photos will you.  I couldn’t believe these AMAZING celebrities were right there standing beside me, in front of me or in the back of me.  How could I pass up the opportunity for a quick snap?  Red carpets are my 2nd home… so I just had a “little” fun as I conducted photo runs.  And just in case you were wondering… Yes, I got my work done.  LOVE my Job 🙂


We begin with the one and only Black Panther queen… ANGELA BASSETT:

angela bassett and it's robinlor


Ok so… I almost lost it when WINSTON DUKE walked in!  One of my favorite lines in the Black Panther movie is when M’Baku instructs his guards to feed Everrett Ross to his children… and then says, “Naw I’m just kidding… we’re vegetarians”.  LOL!!

Winston Duke and It's RobinLori


And then came the magnificent, brilliant, talented, and the list goes on… director RYAN COOGLER!!

Ryan Coogler and It's RobinLori


Last but not least… OPRAH!  This is my second selfie with the queen and AGAIN… she was in such a good mood with a warm spirit.  Thank you Auntie!!

Oprah and It's RobinLori


Coming up next/post… all the fun photos I snapped at the premiere!  Stay tuned…

A Wrinkle In Time is inspired from a science fantasy novel written by Madeleine L’Engle, directed by Ava Duvernay. After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.

Starring: Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, Storm Reid, Zach Galifianakis, and Chris Pine.


Watch the trailer and be sure to visit theaters March 9TH!!:


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