Weekly Round-Up with Gaius Charles of NBC’s TAKEN: Episode 6 Hail Mary

I wanted to start this Weekly Round-Up with Gaius Charles of NBC’s TAKENEpisode 6 Hail Mary with a quote by writer Mike Daniels: “Instead of praying for a solution, BE the solution.” 

It really spoke to my heart in doing a better job of giving back to my community, learning more about various cultures and empowering others!


Taken Hail Mary

This episode was EVERYTHING as John (Gaius Charles) gave this profound advice to his big brother George (Ryan Allen) after a disappointing revelation when he attempts to resolve his brother’s problem with a local gang.



Gaius: “Yeah that was written by Mike Daniels… and it goes back to a quote from Ghandi: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  I like this show because it takes the story to different cultures & backgrounds.  In this episode you got to see a little more of John’s background as he went back to his neighborhood.  It’s a “story of redemption” and it’s exciting as an actor to play parts that speak to the heart and for the greater good.”

Gaius:  “The show also touched on the issue of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) with John as he fought really hard to kickback the desire to live that life again.  Sometimes when we see these strong indivuals… we don’t see them as humans but as men of steel.  It was cool to see these characters as human beings dealing with real stress, real issues and who they are as people.”

RobinLori:  Ok… so this is more on the funny side.  I noticed the special ops team are masters at handling situations on the field… but Brian got a little “roughed up” playing street basketball. LOL!

Gaius: “LOL! Yeah.. Bryan can take out anyone but he was taken back by that elbow.  Another thing I liked about this episode… Bryan is dominant in most of the scenes but you got a change to see the ops team work more as an ensemble. 

RobinLori: What can we look for next week?

Gaius:  “This time we will see more background with Dave & Scott.  Bryan gets TAKEN and has to learn how to survive being captured & tortured.  He will have to use all of the black ops training he’s been taught.”



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