(Video) Meet The Band “LOUD” Who Just Signed with Kandi Burruss!

And we love Kandi Burruss #FemaleEntrepreneur who just signed her new band “LOUD“!  The team of 4 talents kids are with her label Kandi Koated Entertainment and this “Black Eye Peas” inspired group is ready to take the world by storm!

The Band Loud signed with kandi
The Band LOUD


Y’all… these kids can REALLY sang!  Timothee, Katie Marie, Kiersten and Turner is going to blow your mind with their urban pop should and cool looks.  It’s always cool to see what the Kanid Factory is cooking up and she has landed something big with project!  Stay tuned for more exciting things from the band LOUD.

Check out their mimi-documentary video… Inside The Band LOUD:





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