(Video) Google Celebrates International Women’s Day!!

Google is once again stepping out by celebrating International Women’s Day!  Here’s a few of all the fun stuff they are doing.  First, ICYMI… check out their homepage which includes the voices of 12 artists from all around the world, each sharing a personal story of a moment or event that impacted her life as a woman.



Over the last year, the world has been searching for “gender equality” more than ever before. This year… they are highlighting the strong, courageous women who are pushing us toward a more equal future.


Watch the clip:


To make it easier to find women-led businesses on Google Maps and Search, we launched a new attribute that highlights local businesses that are owned, led, or founded by women. Now you can find more businesses like Reaching Out Teahouse in communities across the world.


Watch the clip:



Also… Support the women behind great apps and games as well as strong female protagonists in games, movies, TV and books on the Google Play store.


Way to go GOOGLE!


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