It’s RobinLori Review: The Snowball Affect of Daniel Caesar #FreudianTour

Hi Who is Daniel Caesar?  I only heard of this Canadian sensation 10 days ago and can’t stop singing his songs.  The other day I even heard my 9 year old singing, “Yes, I’m a mess but I’m blessed to be stuck with you”.  LOL!


Daniel Caesar Performs at the Fonda Theatre in LA/ Photo RobinLori


Last week, I had a small concern with my boys fighting each other and couldn’t sleep.  It was a pretty tough week for me and I was need of a little comfort.  As I scrolled through a friend’s Instagram page I was instantly captured by Daniel’s “Get You” video.  For some reason the melody was very familiar to me but the voice and sound was new and refreshing.  And the look… totally unexpected & intriguing.

There I was… 2:00 in the morning pulling up every video, song and article I could find.  I hear tons of new artist everyday… but this was the right voice and the right moment for my vulnerable soul.  And as a singer myself…  Daniel’s feelful (w/ a touch of gospel) voice and his choices with “chords”… hit me like a ton of bricks.  I must have played his song “Blessed” 20 times that night as it spoke to my heart… but in a spiritual way.  To me… the lyrics said, “even though things aren’t the way they should… I know my true home and who to call on.”  This comfort along with Daniel’s since of innocence changed my life.  Of course he probably had other ideas when he wrote the song… but that’s my little spin on it.  LOL!

Note:  It finally dawned on me where I previously heard the melody…  back in May another friend/fan posted a clip of himself singing “Get You”.  I remember it vividly because he was sooo proud to hit the tricky rift/run behind, “angels be calling”… which Daniel hits effortlessly.

Ok, so during my research I learned he started his Freudian Tour and was scheduled to be in LA!!  I emailed my Getty Images assignment editor THAT NIGHT and said, “You have to send me to this concert… this new guy Daniel Caesar is going to take the world by storm with his snowball affect”.  

It was a go!!  I was extremely excited & appreciative of Getty and PR representative for securing a photo spot for me.  And to top things off… I was given permission to request an interview with Daniel,  this musical Jean-Michel Basquiat of his genre.  Oh lord, I had 10,000 questions and comments prepared in my head… how was I going to narrow it down to 1 or 2??  Daniel literally caused me love music again.  He took me back to the times I would buy an album and play it everyday for a YEAR!


Back to the story… the day of the concert finally arrived and I was READY!!

daniel caesar


The crowd was exploding with excitement to see him in action!  True “dye hard” fans travelled far and near to hear their favorite songs including Japanese Denim and more.  I found my way to the photo pit and waited with my own little jitters from the unknown.  I’ve covered many red carpet events since my move here to LA but this was my first concert and glimpse of this AMAZING soul/R&B singer.  Finally, the curtains opened with the lovely Snoh Aalegra  who opened the show with flare and smooth performance.

Next up… Daniel!  It took an extra few minutes for things to get started but he finally took the stage and the weary crowd immediately regained it’s strength.  Actually, a little too much strength because they sang every word and every note with him.  It was certainly a complement to Daniel but it got on my nerves… I like to focus & hear the artist vs. screaming though the entire show.  🙁


Check out some of my little iPhone clips… OMG the lights drove me CRAZY:




I could tell Daniel was a little frustrated from some of the technical issues but he was a true professional and continued to grace the audience with his gift.  I absolutely LOVE his soft tones but can’t lie…  I was hoping he would give us a little bit of that church flow he came from.  I really wanted him to reach down and pull out the trumpets & symbols, more ad-libs and testify!! “I’m coming home….”


The moment I swear he caught my eye/lens (I think)

Daniel Caesar


After the concert, I anxiously waited to meet him.  Your girl was little nervous because I understand artist feed from positive energy.  The night was GREAT but it wasn’t perfect and there was a chance he would leave the stage and go straight to his hotel.  To my luck… I learned he was doing a meet & greet with a few lucky fans but at the same time I was running out of batteries.   11:00 PM is past my bedtime and it was approaching 12:30 AM.  I was pleasantly surprised to see him with a smile as he greeted everyone.  But wait… where was my photo/interview opp?  I waited for the PR to give me the green light so I could fly… but unfortunately my wing was cut off.  They gave me 2 seconds to get shots and was told get my butt on out of there. LOL!

You win some, lose some… I was still grateful for the opportunity.  Got home around 2:00 AM only to face the daunting task of editing and submitted my images to Getty.  Man, I was so exhausted… I couldn’t tell blue from green.  With that said… most of my pics SUCKED and at the worst time. Not Daniel!!! Anywho… here’s a few black & whites for your viewing pleasure.

And here’s to a prosperous and healthy future for Caesar & his entire team. Be sure to check out  Freudian on Apple Music!

Daniel Caesar (@DanielCaesar) · Twitter



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