Photo of the Day: On the Scene Guillermo Diaz AKA “Huck” #ABCScandal

Ok guys… I’m having a moment. I finally met Guillermo DiazHUCK from ABC Scandal!  He is my absolute favorite character and I was thrilled to finally meet him today while photographing a great cause.

Over 500 celebrities and volunteers gathered together at Fifth Street in downtown Los Angeles to serve Christmas dinner to those in need.  It was a beautiful day at the “Love Born at Christmas” event and I can’t wait to share all the fun pics & RECAP!

Stay tuned but in the meantime… check out my selfie.  Omg y’all he’s like a huggable teddy bear!  NOTHING like his character the “savage killer” but he has that kind heart we love… and he’s funny! 🙂


Guillermo Diaz


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