Photo of the Day: It’s Robinlori Lands Placement in People Magazine!

Photo of the Day:  It’s Robinlori lands placement in PEOPLE MAGAZINE!  I know what you’re thinking… but THIS is my first “printed” photo (that I know of) in the magazine vs. online!!  Last week, I was able to cover the 12th Annual Denim Diamonds and Stars for Kids with Autism event.  Honoree Olivia Newton-John graced the red carpet just a few months after announcing her cancer relapse.

The event was presented by ACT Today! (Autism Care & Treatment Today!), a national non-profit organization whose mission is to provide direct care and treatment to underserved children with autism.


people magazine robinlori

its robinlori photo

I was having a tough week… but THIS “published” photo brightened my day!  Seeing my work never gets old. 🙂  Sending a very special thanks to my photog buddy Paras G. who delivered the great news!


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