P. Diddy To Offer H&M Child Model $1 Million Dollar Sean Jean Contract!!

Hooray for P.Diddy!!  Unless you’ve been living under a rock… you are familiar with all the buzz about the H&M child model controversy  that involved putting a “racist sweater” on a young African American boy.  It caused a tidal wave of social media outrage!! Intentional or unintentional on the retailer’s part… I alway wondered about the beautiful soul at center of all this attention.

P. Diddy

THIS just in… reports are saying Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy plans to offer a $1 Million contract for the young man to model for his Sean Jean clothing line!  I hope to hear more great news from this horrible incident.



5 thoughts on “P. Diddy To Offer H&M Child Model $1 Million Dollar Sean Jean Contract!!

  1. its great that P Diddy step up to lead that young black youth to show him he got the right platform that will lead him into his Greatness. black is beautiful and everyone no it that why they cant take their eye off our blackness all shade of beauty.

    1. P Diddy is a man of my own heart. And God love him and chose him just for a time like this to show black youth and men a like that they can control their Destiny with hard work and love

  2. you no what h&m is out of their mind why are they worrying about dressing and stressing about what our black youth and black men dress in anyway. why if a black clothing company put a hoodie on a white boy and put on it up coming serial killer and see the buzz that come from that i dont think white Americans will like that .

  3. One day it going to be a very special day when i can sit or stand in your very presence it will be my honor. to see the man that made it all happen with a dream P Diddy love

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