I’ll Never Lose Weight With Hubby Who Loves to Cook & In-N-Out Burger

OK so THIS happened… y’all know I’m trying to lose weight.  For those of you who don’t know… it’s a life style change.  All the food you love to eat has to go out the window AND you have to exercise.  OMG, I was weak and TORN this past weekend… everything went wrong.


in-n-out burger lose weight


I first heard of   In-N- Out Burger in LA through Akbar Gbajabiamila who mentioned it during a press luncheon.  My second time was this weekend during our ride home from bible class.  It was about 10:30 PM and the family was talking about the AMAZING hamburgers.  Well, I was starving at that time and asked hubby to stop by so I could try it.  I ordered the smallest “single” burger WITH fries and OMG… it was sooo good.  I did NOT eat the entire meal but still felt guilty as heck!!  LOL!

Especially the next morning when I had NO intention of eating anything fattening.  Well, guess what?? I woke up to my hubby cooking one of the BEST breakfast spreads EVER!  And to top it off… he sent a picture!! He had fried potatoes, sausage & peppers, donuts, fruit and the list goes on.  I came downstairs and couldn’t believe seeing all the temptations in front of me.  Ok so… I lost it.  “Why are you doing this”, I said. “You know I’m trying to lose weight and you cook potatoes with sausage??  I can’t and WON’T eat this”.  My poor hubby… he said, “But you can eat the fruit”.

The devil is a lie… I grabbed a bag of lettuce, poured it in a bowl and stormed back upstairs.  LOL!

Y’all… please help me out because I’m so confused.  Joe really loves to cook and every time I turn around he’s providing everything I love to eat… even during my 2018 #NewYearsResolution quest.  I loves him… Lord knows I do.

  • Was he just having fun/joking?
  • Was he honestly trying to be nice and missed the mark?
  • Did he NOT take me serious?
  • Was he trying to make me strong and felt I should learn to resist temptation?

So my question is…  If I’m on a diet should my entire family eat only carrots & broccoli as well?

Comments PLEASE!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’ll Never Lose Weight With Hubby Who Loves to Cook & In-N-Out Burger

  1. I think he was feeding his boys a good hardy meal before heading out for Falcons vs Rams game! He thought of you and brought fruit, lol. Leave that man alone, 😳😜😘!

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