Life Of A Photographer: Stepping into 2018 “In Front” of the Camera!

Life of a photographer:  Yep, I’m putting it in the atmosphere…  I will put more effort in marketing my brand  “in front” of the camera vs. behind the lens.  Y’all know I run from people trying to take my picture and I will continue to do that… LOL!  But for 2018… I WILL get help/assistant and focus more on LIVE video’s for social media and It’s RobinLori interviews with me in it. 🙂


One of these kids is doing her own thing…  I’m stepping OUT!!

it's robinlori photographer


2017 has been AMAZING and I have NO complaints… but I want to continue to shift my brand and concentrate more on “creative” event photography vs. covering red carpets.   It’s really fun to see all of the celebrities walk down the carpet but it’s basically Point & Shoot… and it comes with a lot of waiting around, competing with other photographers for a shot and tons of late night processing. 🙁


It’s RobinLori on the red carpet:



I truly enjoy capturing expressions and the experience of special moments & occasions.   I’ve been a people watcher all my life which has provided me with a special gift to recap memories with my lens.  And who knows… maybe I’ll dibble into a little studio/portrait photography.  It’s a much slower process because you have to digitally photoshop the crap out of EVERYTHING but the results are spectacular.  You see… I’ve always been a hustler for the quick sale.  Back in the day I was a very successful telemarketer… and even became a manger for several large corporations.  But you know what…??  I was the rep who hustled for the smaller quick sales by spitting my pitch, overcoming a few objections and closing the deals that day.  You also had the reps who liked to sit back & work the big deals which took WEEKS to close.  Each approach paid off the same at the end of the month.  In my true fashion… I like the event photography which allows me to capture “as is” with a just a couple of added tweaks.  So we’ll have to see what 2018 will bring.

I cannot let 2017 end without sending my sincerest THANKS for the love, support and visiting my blog.  STAY TUNED for evermore exciting things from It’s RobinLori and Photog Life LAB (i promise)!!


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