Life of A Photographer: 6 Weeks In LA and I’m STILL Waking Up at 4 AM

Life of a Photographer:  Ok so I was told the jet lag would ease up around 3 to 4 weeks… it has been 6 weeks and I’m STILL waking up at 4AM!  SOO much wasted sleep time… I sit up at night listening to the water sprinklers.  LOL!! Other than that… life is GREAT!  Check out all of the NEW updates from my last “California Living” post:

My babies still have bright eyes!!  As a mom… it’s the most important thing in the world to see smiles on their faces.  I’m happy to report they are doing well in school, making friends and growing!  OMG, I was totally thrown off guard when I had to buy new wardrobes & shoes yesterday. Didn’t realize they had grown so fast!!

So proud BOTH boys made the Canyons Aquatic Club swim team and we are making a smooth transition into the new scene!  They have a big swim meet this Saturday and we are READY..SET..GO!



Let’s hear it for It’s RobinLori’s first LA publications!  Check out my pic of Emmy Winners Jean-Marc Vallee & Laura Dern in People Magazine!!!  This Canadian celebration was super exclusive and star studded… I was totally geeked about the wonderful hospitality.



And here’s my photo of Michael B Jordan, his mom & Lance Gross supporting #LupusLA in ESSENCE Magazine!! I’m really beginning to STAY busy with my Getty Images team and I’m so excited and grateful for the support.

michael b jordan



My sister Felicia is moving & shaking as she launched her NEW scarves!  Check out my previous Tycam Collections POST and shop TODAY!

tycam collections

Last but NOT least… Me and the hubby celebrated another wonderful year of marriage 🙂

I really appreciate all of my readers walking this NEW California journey with me.  Stay tuned for more “Life of a Photographer” updates!




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