Life of A Photographer: We Made It… 1st Week in California!

Life of a photographer: Sending you greetings from California!!  We actually settled in a nice little town called Santa Clarita which is the PERFECT fit for our family.  I have been so exhausted from this cross country move… but thank goodness 80% of our things are unpacked/placed, the kiddies had their first day in school and now I can finally get back in the swing of things!

Side Note:  OMG, I can’t get use to the 3 hour difference to save my life! By 7 PM I’m ready for bed… then I’m up staring in the ceiling at 4:00 AM 🙁

Here’s a few of my “Instagram” highlights of my first week:

Straight from ATL… we made it to LA!  Me and the kiddies 🙂



Mama Mia!  Settling in our new home… she took over Jackson’s new play/dog house.  I’m so grateful for her recovery from 2 strokes April 2017.  We are thrilled to have her with us!



Jackson in his new back yard!!  He has to find and sniff his way through a whole new poopie path.  Being up at 5:00 AM has it’s benefits… I get A LOT done and Jackson gets in his best walks early morning. 🙂


On August 8th… I celebrated my birthday in LA!


1st meeting!  If I can build a career in ATL… I can do it again in LA.  Not a bad start with the LA Getty Images team…  Stay tuned!!!

getty images california


Me and the hubby…  Joe had been such a POWERHOUSE the past few days.  I’m eternally grateful to have a man who follows THE MAN.


My boys… 1st day of school!  THIS picture, these smiles made everything about the move worth while.  “So far so good”,  is all I can say.


Everyone is adjusting and doing JUST FINE. 🙂




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