Life Of A Photographer.. “He Tried Me” at the Jennifer Garner LA Premiere

LOVE Jennifer Garner.. but I had my WORST red carpet experience at the premiere of “The Tribes of Palos Verdes” in LA.  Don’t get me wrong… Jennifer was extremely graceful and pleasant… but the hustle and bustle with these &%*$ photogs was dreadful.  I honestly had another moment of re-evaluating my purpose in photography.  LOL!


jennifer garner
Jennfier Garner / Photo RobinLori


Here’s 3 GOOD reasons:

1. This was one of my “larger” premieres in LA so I arrived early… only to see I was the LAST one to show up.  LOL!  30 photographers & news reporters were already waiting to bum rush the door.  And to top it all off… 90% of them were granny & pops!!  65-70 year olds still in the game of chasing celebs on the red carpet. I couldn’t believe it… there’s NO WAY I can see myself doing this for another 25 years.  It may work for some… to each his own.  Right now, I’m just trying to make a quick buck and have as much fun as possible.  Eventually, I truly want to have more purpose/meaning for my work.

2. Most of the time you’re not in control of your environment while working with other outlets.  You gotta go where they send you… I HATE dark & small areas to shoot.  Functions that don’t include good lighting and space for media make our job difficult & miserable.  THIS was one of those times I had to work a miracle.   Also, being the last to show up didn’t help me as I had to step to the back of the line and shoot between other photogs.  UGHHH, they were pushing and shoving like WWE wrestlers!!

3. THIS DUDE tried me!!  The lighting was so bad… all the videographers left the red carpet and went outside to conduct their interviews with Jennifer & the cast.  This shifted all the photogs which allowed me to find a decent spot at the end of the carpet.  Here comes GRANDPA… who by the way passed all of the other photogs to ask, “Could you move a little to left so I can get back in my spot?”  Y’all, I was stunned AND irritated.  First of all… he thought I was Boo Boo the Fool if he thought I was moving so he could get MY spot.  ALL of the photogs were shifted… TOO BAD & TOO LATE!  Why target me?? Chile please… I wasn’t moving ANYWHERE!  And the nerve… he said I was rude because I told him NO.  Trust me… NONE of those photogs (including Grandpa) would have moved if I asked them.  “Survival of the fittest”

I was so sick of the whole experience and couldn’t wait to get home.  Sending a special thanks to Jennifer Garner, who stars in the IFC film.  To my luck… she actually started her walk at the end of the carpet!  How cool is that?!?!  She was truly wonderful and even smiled for me. Can’t share my pics from that batch but here’s a decent leftover.


jennifer garner
Jennifer and cast! / Photo RobinLori



When the Mason family moves to idyllic Palos Verdes, Calif., the father, Phil, loves it but the mother, Sandy, feels out of place among the fake tans and tennis skirts. Phil and Sandy’s daughter, Medina, is a loner and outcast at school, while her charismatic brother, Jim, is effortlessly popular. When Medina and Jim take up surfing, they must prove their right to share the waves with the tough Bayboys gang that monopolizes their stretch of beach.

Jennifer Garner’s movie hits theatres TOMORROW!!




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