NEW Beginnings with It’s RobinLori… NOW!

Hello World!  I’m excited to introduce my new website “It’s RobinLoriNOW”.

Many of you know how hard I’ve worked to build my little blog which stared in 2012.  Unfortunately, I became a victim of the infamous “hackers” and have not been able to recover It’

Hello World It's RobinLori NOW head shot by Derek Blanks
Hello World It’s RobinLoriNow

Yes, I’m totally appreciate that I’m photographer first and the blog pays NO bills… but it has become a beloved hobby that allows me to share all the fun things happening.  I was extremely disheartened to have been invaded and taken advantage of by these ruthless “techy” hackers.  With so many emotions and decisions to make.. I really didn’t know which way to turn.  But I’m a survivor… we fall down, but we get up!  We’re going to try this again so here it is…  the launch of my NEW website It’s RobinLoriNOW!  

TO MY READERS… I truly appreciate ALL of the love and support you have given me over the years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click the MENU… scroll down to subscribe and continue to stop by and visit as we will bring you highlights from Atlanta Celebrity Events, Celebrity News, Atlanta Happenings, Tips From A Female Photographer, My Weekend GetAway Treats, Photo of the Day and keep you updated with my little adventures and family life as a female photographer.

My first post in 2012 began with my AMAZING 1st experience with Oprah at the O’You Convention in Atlanta.  This time I will begin with sharing an experience with another superstar Rihanna.  SO many things went wrong that day at Macys… OMG, I think it was the worst of my entire career.  But it’s all in HOW YOU HANDLE CHALLENGES that make you stronger. Go ahead and CLICK the above links to read all about it 🙂

And with that… LET’s GO!!!


12 thoughts on “NEW Beginnings with It’s RobinLori… NOW!

  1. Hey Robin just wanted to share with you as to how Proud i am to have known you prior to this GREAT path in your Life. Who would have known the the woman that i called “Mommieeeeeee” was walking around Ceridian with all this talent. Awesome! Continue on your path and may Jehovah continue to Bless your each and every step.

    1. LOL, Bobby! I remember “mommie”… thanks SO MUCH for your words of encouragement. Wishing nothing but the BEST for you 🙂

    1. Hi Terry, there were several factor for me including penalties, lost traffic and several bad decisions on providing access to my site for advertising. Although I made steps to increase security and Follow Google guidelines.. My site never ran the same again & I ultimately lost trust. This is what I meant by not being able to “recover”. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations Robin! There’s nothing like enjoying your passion. I look forward to enjoying your page.

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