Entertainment Cafe: Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper LIVE??

One more celebrity news story for the Entertainment Cafe:  Yesterday, I watched a little TV and saw before my very eyes… Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper!   I said to myself… could it be??  Would this work?  And my final thoughts.. YES!  Who doesn’t love Anderson Cooper??

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper
Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper and CNN Heros 2013 /Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage


ICYMI, Anderson was a guest host on Kelly LIVE and the two bonded like a hand in a glove.  Word on the street is the BFF’s are courting the idea of Anderson becoming a Michael Strahan replacment/ permanent fixture on the show.  Stay tuned!

Side note:  I’m trying this NEW weekly “Entertainment Cafe” segment to add more variety for my audience.  If this doesn’t fit my brand or YOU decide it’s not what you’re interested while visiting the blog… IT WILL BE GONE!  Please feel free to give me your feedback 🙂


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