CONGRATS to Erika Campbell’s Daughter Krista Campbell: Little Miss African American 2017!

Sending a huge CONGRATS to Erika Campbell’s daughter Krista Campbell who won the 24th Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant!

Actress Lisa Ruffin’s The 24th Little Miss African American Pageant was a grand affair held at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre.  The house was full of celebrities donating their time as presenters, judges and making the young ladies feel special.

Guest included: Actors Penny Johnson Jerald, Orville, James Pickens Jr. (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy), Keith David (OWN’s Greenleaf), Danielle Mone’ Truitt (Star of BET’s Rebel), Ella Joyce (Roc), Debra Wilson (MADtv), Casting Agent Peter Wise, Author/Professor Ron Brewington, Reality Stars Sherre Fletcher (Hollywood Exes) & Claudia Jordan (Housewives of Atlanta) hosted the event and Mel’isa Morgan was the musical guest performer.


Krista Campbell
(Left Photo L-R) Lisa Ruffin (Actress/Pageant Founder), James Pickens Jr, Grey’s Anatomy, and Penny Johnson Jerald, Orville. (Top Right L-R) Warren Campbell, Father, Krista Campbell, Little Miss African American 2017, Mom Ericka Campbell, (Mary Mary) along with other children. (Bottom Right L-R) Krista Campbell and her court 1st Runner-up Jael Toppin, 2nd Runner-up Loren Creighton, 3rd Runner-up Nasreen El Shabazz and 4th Runner-up Octavia Elaine Carey/ Photo Credit: Brian Ellis and Jovahna Chamblain

The Little Miss African Pageant (LMAA) is first and foremost an educational program cleverly disguised in a pageant format whose mission is dedicated to the intellectual success of your African American girls.

For the past 24 years, dozens of girls between the ages of 6-12 years old have participated in this program, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded and lasting memories have been created for young Academic and intellectual princesses.  While some of the young ladies come from strong supportive families.. the majority come from under-served, single family homes.  The pageant provides an early introduction to the arts, training in public speaking while promoting individual creativity and stimulating a heightened cultural understanding.

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