My Brandon Scored with Dragon Goal Soccer Experience!


Hooray for the Dragon Goal Soccer Experience! My Brandon scored his first goal with this super cool,  kid friendly “portable” soccer field!!  The Atlanta Jazz Festival featured this program last weekend during their annual Memorial Day event and I was looking forward to exposing my boys.  “Auntie duty” called for us to travel to Columbus GA to support my niece at her state championship game… and I knew we would miss it.  But guess what?!!!  As we walked through the Columbus soccer field… I was thrilled to see Dragon Goal USA sitting right in front me!


dragon goal soccer experience



Dragon Goal USA is a Georgia-based company who’s mission is to foster more opportunities to play soccer, develop skills, engage with one another, and become respectful players for life! With Dragon Goal, players can focus on technical skills and experience a small-sided field, fast-paced game in a contained environment that maximizes ball control frequency while delivering happiness.


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My Brandon was extremely happy & excited to FINALLY get his chance to try soccer.  The boys have watched their nieces play soccer all their lives.. but Dad & I have enrolled them in swimming activities since they were toddlers.  As a mom… my first priority was to make sure the boys knew how to get out of a pool of water if they fell in.  But it turned into sport & great exercise as Brandon excelled.  He is now part of the Dynamo team here in Atlanta… but ALWAYS wanted to try soccer.

As mentioned in my previous post on Kiddie Summer Activities… we registered the boys for the Eagles Soccer Camp at Emory University and Dragon Goal served as the perfect introduction to the sport!  I loved the controlled setting but still allowing the kids to have fun.  And to my surprise… Brandon kicked &#*@!!  He did an amazing job protecting the goal AND he scored!!  Oh dear..  I may have another “team enrollment” on my hands.

Be sure to visit  for your kiddies… and they even host parties for as low as $300 bucks!



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