2016 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival: Geaux South Louisiana Chefs!

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival added a NEW “Geaux South” flavor featuring a team of AMAZING Louisiana chefs.   I was able to attend this outdoor evening event featuring classic dishes including two whole hogs over a live fire, a live zydeco band, craft beer, wine and specialty cocktails from the Cure New Orleans team.

AFWF16 Geaux South
AFWF16 Geaux South

BRAVO to Cory Bahr who put together this dream team of chefs including Ryan Andre, Michael Gulotta, Justin Girouard, Ryan Gannon, Braden Lagrone and Jodie Morphew.  This team of friends treated us to some of most splendid Southern Cuisine and gave us a glimpse of the traditions, culture and culinary perfection that have earned Louisiana its legacy.

Beginning with Michael Gulotta… I couldn’t help but notice him cooking up a hog as I walked towards the entrance. OMG, this was my very FIRST time seeing a “whole” animal on the grill so I was a little freaked out.  I don’t know… I guess seeing the face kind of shifted the gear for me.  Thank goodness I didn’t see the VERY beginning of how the hog arrived on the grill.  But Michael explained the animals are treated with dignity and fed very well. “To be eaten”... I said to myself.  LOL!

AFWF16 Geaux South
AFWF16 Geaux South Michael Gulotta

Michael chopped it up, added milk, a few other special ingredients and BAAM!  Have you ever had BBQ like this?!?!!:

Beaux South Michael Gulotta
Michael Gulotta

And then I saw the most beautiful display of oysters provided by Ryan Andre… and they were absolutely delicious:

AFWF16 Geaux South
Geaux South Ryan Andre

Ok, last but not least…  I’ve had plenty of gumbo in my time but THIS gumbo was EVERYTHING!!  The flavor had a pinch of smoke and the sauce was rich and colorful.  I have to give a special shout out to Justin for that mouth watering treat!

Geaux South Justin Girouard
Justin Girouard


As an added bonus… I really enjoyed the LIVE music from the band (sorry… I didn’t get the name)  and the soulful sounds of the lead singer who sang like a bird.  Would also like to send a BIG THANKS to AFWF16 team for having me again this year and to Cory for introducing me to “Whole Hog Smoked Rabbit with Louisiana rice” 🙂

Enjoy the pics I snapped:



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